• The State of the State

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    In Douglas Adams’ The Restaurant at the End of the Universe, Ford Prefect and Arthur Dent are on prehistoric Earth, surrounded by telephone sanitizers and management consultants that had declared the leaf legal tender.

    They had all become immensely rich.

    But the availability of the abundant cash left a new problem:  inflation.  That meant it took something like three major deciduous forests to buy something like one ship’s peanut.

    The solution to this problem?  Burn the trees.

    We currently live in a corporate state where the government is used as a lever to relieve us of the pesky problem of deciding how to spend our money.  After all, money is no longer seen as a convenient measure of productivity; it’s just something that can be printed out and dispersed according to a host of non-productive people: financeers, union leaders, politicians, corporate marketers.  To these people, money does not represent a convenient form of their stored productivity.  Money can simply be minted.

    This site is here to help dig through the numbers, and the numbers say that both political parties are part of the game.  So, leave your politics at the door.

    Burn the trees!


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