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    2MiHB: Cuervo de La Familia

    by  • February 2, 2014 • 2 Mexicans in HB, Podcast • 0 Comments

    Just after finishing the Huntington Beach Half Marathon, the Mexicans discuss the race, last night’s UFC 169, today’s Super Bowl with the Broncos and Seahawks, and taste Jose Cuervo de La Familia tequila!

    2MiHB: Milagro Margaritas!

    by  • May 5, 2013 • 2 Mexicans in HB, Podcast • 0 Comments

    Cinco de Mayo! It’s Milagro margaritas this week while the Mexicans talk Iron Man 3, more movies, Cinco de Mayo, the power of hot Asian chicks in movies, education loans, and if Proactive helps steroid-caused zits. And they discuss what it means when you prune pubes in rush hour with your ex, and replace a pilot with a flight attendant mid-flight.